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Resources for Collaborations Participants

Creating Your Poster

These resources can help you create a top-notch presentation. Materials must be submitted to the Collaborations Team by April 14, 2023, to allow time for them to be loaded onto the website.

Poster Session Resources

Preparing a poster for Collaborations? Use the documents and links below to make it as effective as possible.

2023 Poster Making Session TBD at 12:15 pm in Bass Hall 102


  • Poster Preparation Checklist (Google Docs Presentation)
    For students who are presenting during the poster sessions. Covers the steps involved in creating your poster, having it printed and presenting it.

  • Poster Preparation Procedures
    Resources to help you select and obtain or prepare text, photos, graphs, maps and any other content to be included on your poster.

  • Science Poster Liaisons
    Find out who will print your poster using this list of department liaisons for science posters.

Presentation Resources

Whether you are using PowerPoint, participating in a panel, or giving a reading, these resources can help you create a top-notch presentation! If you will use PowerPoint or another digital presentation format, you must submit it to the Collaborations Team by Friday, April 8, 2022 to allow time for it to be tested on the computers in the presentation rooms.

Event Website

You have the option of sharing your work on the event website, as well as in person. Celebrating Collaborations participants may submit information and images, video, audio or other pdf documents. The event website will be saved in an archived mode for future participants. It’s also a helpful resource for attendees to see your full results.

Use the Student Submission Guidelines for suggestions and tools to prepare your website submission.