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Appeals & Hearing Proceedures


Appeals of the decisions of the conduct board must be made within seven days of the date on the board's decision letter in writing to:

Appeals Board
c/o AVP Campus Life/Dean of Students, Chair
Clark Hall 203
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063

The appeals board is a three member committee consisting of the dean of students (or designee), a member of the SGA cabinet appointed by the SGA president and one additional member of the administration appointed by the dean of the students. The appeal board reviews the evidence presented to the conduct board and evaluates whether there is grounds for the appeal. The only grounds for appeal that will be accepted by the appeals board are gross error in procedure, violation of the student's rights, new evidence, or extreme bias on the part of the conduct board. Disagreement with the board's decision is not, by itself, grounds for an appeal.

Summarized from the Smith College Student Handbook — SGA Constitution and Bylaws, Bylaws Article VIII Section 9D

Hearing Procedures

The process for a hearing before the Conduct Board is governed by the Student Government Association Constitution and Bylaws, with specific procedures for hearings cited in Article VIII, Section 9 of the Bylaws. The hearings are conducted following a prepared script; the script is used to assure uniformity and fairness in the procedure.

View the Conduct Board hearing procedures in the SGA Bylaws Article III Section 9.