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By institutional policy, the Office of College Relations does not support or provide alternate or secondary logos for departments, programs or offices. This is a restriction of our branding guidelines and is intended to ensure consistency in representation of the Smith College identity; there should be no marks on publications, correspondence or websites that compete with the Smith logo.


Exceptions are made in the case of athletics and student organizations who want to use the college’s spirit mark, and for major, college-wide events that are time-limited (for example, a capital campaign or presidential inauguration). Such events are evaluated on an individual basis for adherence to college priorities, clearly established time frames and audience, before providing permission for a secondary mark.

Approved secondary identity marks should always be clearly separated from the Smith College mark.

The Formal College Seal

The college seal is a formal design associated with ceremonial occasions or documents. Semi-permanent applications, such as campus signage, may also feature the seal. Any other uses must be approved by college relations.

The Smith College Seal - image not for download

The Informal Seal

The informal seal is appropriate for uses that require a small square or round graphic. It can be used for college social media icons. The informal seal can appear in both formal and informal applications, depending on the choice of color. It should never be combined with the formal logo, though it can be combined with the informal logo. When used with colors, the informal seal should only appear in one of the approved colors, and care should be taken to ensure proper contrast for readability.

The informal college seal, not for download

To use the informal seal, contact to discuss your intended use.