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Smith's Global Reach

Smith's Global Reach

Live and study with women from across the country and around the world, and from almost every ethnic, political, social, economic, racial, religious and cultural background. Smith has long been a leader in global education, with more than 400 courses relating to international issues and many more that examine different cultures in the United States. Smith also sends hundreds of students abroad each year. Whether you’re learning Mandarin in Beijing, eating the Tunisian-style spicy stew ojja or exploring the chalky cliffs at La Scala dei Turchi in Sicily, our promise at Smith is that you’ll graduate with a greater understanding of the world and your place in it.

Smith offers study abroad in Florence, Hamburg, Geneva and Paris, as well as numerous programs around the world.

Study Abroad

The World Is Your Campus

Smith is a global college. While you are here, you will tailor your education to who you are as an individual and who you are becoming. When you graduate, you will leave Smith with the personal and intellectual capacities to transform your community and change the world. 

From your first days on campus, you will engage with international and intercultural issues. You’ll forge cross-cultural friendships while you live and study with 2,500 women from across the country and around the world. You’ll design a program of in-class and out-of-class global leadership experiences. And you’ll choose from a wide variety of courses across the curriculum that explore languages and cultures.

If you want broader horizons, you can find a study away experience that piques your interest. Close to half of Smith’s students spend time abroad before they graduate. Travel to locations around the globe with faculty-led programs during January interterm or work at a summer internship. Spend a semester or academic year on one of Smith’s programs in Florence, Geneva, Hamburg and Paris. You can also choose from Smith’s consortial and approved programs in places like Spain, Japan, India, Mexico, Morocco, Jordan or the South Pacific. The college encourages students from all academic disciplines, including the sciences and engineering, to become informed global citizens and to engage with communities beyond Smith.



Each day, Smith students initiate and engage in insightful and spirited discussions inside and outside of the classroom, exchanging ideas and perspectives, and experiencing genuine learning across cultures and languages.

Global Encounters

The Global Encounters Photo and Video Contests provide a venue for Smith students to share their global experiences with the Smith community. From Nepal to Croatia to Cuba, these images offer a unique view of the world.




Video: A Smith Study Abroad Primer

Learn about Smith’s Study Abroad program from Janie Vanpée ’72, Elizabeth Mugar Eveillard ’69 Faculty Director of the Lewis Global Studies Center.