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The Academic Program

The Academic Program

Smith’s broad liberal-arts curriculum will prepare you for leadership in a dynamic world. You can put together the pieces of your Smith experience, both inside and outside the classroom, to suit your interests, support your goals and find your passions. Then, with Smith’s emphasis on hands-on learning, you will take what you’ve learned and experience how it evolves in a real-world setting.

Explore the Academic Experience

Explore Smith’s majors, minors and unique concentrations and design your own education.

Courses of Study
Courses of Study

Smith professors encourage you to ask questions, share insights and even challenge their interpretations. 

The Faculty

An Education as Distinctive as You Are

If you want academic challenge, you’ll find it here. That’s why students who look for a top-ranked college renowned for its vibrant intellectual and cultural community choose Smith. And that’s why Smith has built a reputation for empowering students like you to succeed in ways you never imagined—the unconventional as well as the traditional.

At Smith you’ll find that your intellectual passions and goals are taken seriously. Here your personal program of study allows you to build your confidence, hone your intellectual abilities and confirm your exceptional talents and leadership skills before you go out into the world.

Smith professors expect students to speak up in class, contribute original ideas, question assumptions and even challenge their views. The lively intellectual exchanges taking place in Smith classrooms (and around campus in student houses and study lounges) prove that great minds don’t necessarily think alike.

As a first-year student, you will complete at least one writing-intensive course, but there are no other required courses beyond those for your major. A faculty adviser will work with you to customize your educational plan according to your interests. 

You will also be part of a larger, lively academic community: the Five College Consortium, which links Smith to four other colleges—Amherst, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke colleges and the University of Massachusetts. With 2,200 faculty members teaching 7,000 courses to 30,000 students, the five colleges together offer literally thousands of opportunities to make the most of your higher education.

A Smith education is about thinking for yourself instead of figuring out what a teacher wants you to say or echoing what your classmates believe. For every nine students, there’s a Smith professor to help you discover new information and reconsider theories and opinions you once took for granted.





Have Something You Want To Say?

Smith College is transforming its teaching with writing-enriched and public discourse initiatives across the curriculum. This means Smith students are writing articles that are published in mainstream media and scholarly journals, on their own and in collaboration with faculty. They are in the lab doing hands-on research that’s published in scholarly journals. They are participating in public venues to make their voices heard. Smith students are taking action, getting engaged, speaking up, speaking out and getting their ideas out into the world.