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Lisa Utzig ’18

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I come from a very rural area with little or no diversity. What struck me right away about Smith is that people are here from all parts of the globe. I really appreciate being part of a diverse racial, socioeconomic and cultural melting pot.

Being out in nature is important to me. My AEMES research has been with Professor Jesse Bellemare of the biological sciences department. We’re looking at the native eastern hemlock tree population, which involves field trips to different sites at both the MacLeish Field Station and nearby forests to study the effects of damage caused by the invasive insect hemlock woolly adelgid on the forest ecosystem.

“The house system is a big part of why I feel so comfortable here.”

I never thought that music would be a viable career option. Now, I realize that I can integrate my love of music and science. I am able to work in a lab while at the same time participate in ensembles and take classes and private lessons in the music department. I’m considering a career in music therapy. Being here, I’ve become aware of all the possibilities I have. Being in the music program comes with so many perks. Sage Hall is such a beautiful space. All the practice rooms have Steinway baby grand pianos. I enjoy playing both classical and jazz repertoire on the piano. I’m a percussionist in the Wind Ensemble, and I play drums and vibraphone in the Jazz Ensemble.

The house system is a big part of why I feel so comfortable here. We have Sunday afternoon teas where we share what’s going on or talk about news and events. Saturday mornings I go downstairs and eat breakfast with my friends. It feels like home.

Lisa Utzig

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Princeton, Massachusetts

Music major, neuroscience minor

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