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Toward Inclusion, Equity and Bias-Prevention

January 30, 2019

Dear students, staff and faculty:

Following the events of July 31, I promised regular updates on actions the college is taking in regard to bias prevention and campus safety. This morning, the college and the ACLU are issuing related statements highlighting changes Smith has enacted over the last six months in the areas of policing policies, employee training and support, and communitywide education. The initiatives, particularly those relating to campus policing, were informed by recommendations of the ACLU, which now hopes to share Smith’s new policies with other campuses.

As you know, a painful event led us to reassess and recommit to making Smith a place where each of us feels included and valued. I have heard from so many members of the Smith community—students, staff, faculty and alumnae—about ways to move forward. Many efforts are underway, including training workshops to help us all learn how to have critical conversations to advance our inclusion and equity goals. I look forward to our April 10 inclusion conference, when we will come together as a campus for a day of learning and community building.


Kathleen McCartney