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Pathways Campus Climate Survey Results

April 20, 2017

​Dear Students, Staff and Faculty:

Last fall, we launched the Pathways campus climate survey, a key tool in sustaining our commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity. Through the survey, we sought to hear directly from each of you about your experiences learning, living and working at Smith College.

Dr. Susan Rankin, senior researcher at Rankin & Associates Consulting, developed, conducted and analyzed the Pathways survey under the guidance of the Climate Study Working Group. We are grateful for their leadership of this important initiative. They are:

  • Abida Adnan, Philanthropic Officer, Development
  • Kim Alston, Program Coordinator, Center for Religious & Spiritual Life
  • Jennifer Blackburn, Administrative Assistant, Poetry Center
  • Dawn Fulton, Professor of French Studies
  • Dwight Hamilton, Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity
  • Sarah Harebo, Title IX Coordinator, Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity
  • Serena Harris, HR Specialist/AA Officer, Human Resources
  • Katie Hitchcock-Smith ’17
  • Valerie Joseph, Mentoring Program Coordinator, Clark Science Center
  • Laura Katz, Professor of Biological Sciences
  • Minh Ly, Associate Director for Assessment, Institutional Research and Educational Assessment
  • Theresa Meyer ’17
  • Julie Ohotnicky, Dean of Students and Associate Dean of the College
  • Danielle Carr Ramdath, Associate Dean of the Faculty
  • Laura Rauscher, Director, Office of Disability Services
  • L’Tanya Richmond, Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Rebecca Washut, Program Coordinator, Alumnae Relations
  • Katie Wing, Ada Comstock Scholar ’18J

Earlier this week, Dr. Rankin presented the findings of the Pathways survey to the campus community. The results are based on responses from 1,477 students, staff and faculty. You can read the executive summary of the report here with your Smith login. As you will see, areas of strength and weakness were identified by people who took the survey.

The data are consistent with findings at other U.S. campuses. That said, it is clear we have more to do as we work to build as we say in our strategic plan, “a just and inclusive campus community founded in respect and trust.”

These findings provide a powerful foundation for the work that lies ahead. The next step is to turn data into action, strengthening our community through intentional initiatives across the campus. A Pathways Implementation Team will take the lead on developing a concrete action plan. If you would like to participate, please be in touch with one of us by Wednesday, April 26. There is a role for everyone in this vital and ongoing work.


Kathleen McCartney

Dwight Hamilton
Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity and Equity