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Kelley Sheehan

Postdoctoral Fellow in Music Technology


Kelley Sheehan is an American composer and musician moving between electro-acoustic, multimedia, and performance art works. Her work has been described as “Full of discovery, collaboration, and unpredictability” (Iannotta, Kyriakides, & Stäbler) with “Woozy Electronics” (LA Times).

In any medium, her work constructs environments meant to merge electronic and acoustic forces into one composite organism, dependent on this merging to become more than just an extension of itself. Her work focuses on sculpting noise, shifting materiality and structure, machinery, and grappling with the sustainability of electronics within a climate crisis.

When not composing, she’s an avid improviser on self-made DIY electronics, no-input mixer, her AI-electric guitar hybrid called ‘other machines,’ or modular. Having performed at such venues as the Banff Center for the Arts,\ the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Goethe Institute of Boston.