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Estuardo Robles

Lecturer in Neuroscience

Estuardo Robles


Sabin-Reed 433


Estuardo Robles is a neuroscientist with broad interests in how nervous systems use sensory information extracted from their surroundings to direct behavioral programs. Previous research focused on using various forms of fluorescent microscopy to visualize how brain circuits are formed within zebrafish embryos. Current teaching interests include research methods in neuroscience, sensory biology, neurophysiology, and the neurobiology of predator-prey interactions. Personal interests include explorations of how abstract/minimalist art can reveal fundamental relationships between our senses and higher brain functions.

Selected Publications

DeMarco, E. C., Stoner, G. R., & Robles E. (2022). A genetic labeling system to study dendritic spine development in zebrafish models of neurodevelopmental disorders. Disease Models & Mechanisms, 15(8).

Tesmer, A. L., Fields, N. P., & Robles E. (2022). Input from torus longitudinalis drives binocularity and spatial summation in zebrafish optic tectum. BMC Biology, 20(1), 24.

Demarco, E., Tesmer, A. L., Hech, B., Kawakami, K., & Robles E (2021). Pyramidal neurons of the zebrafish tectum receive highly convergent inputs from torus longitudinalis. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 15. 


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.S., University of California-San Diego

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