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Cheese the Day

Smithies Create

Photograph by Lisa Schaffer


Published September 25, 2023

In 2009, Tenaya Darlington ’94, aka Madame Fromage, started a cheese blog. From that seed, she grew a network of cheesemakers and enthusiasts who encouraged her to write, travel, and (of course) eat. Her new book, Madame Fromage’s Adventures in Cheese, is the result of years of research and exploration. It’s not only beautiful, joyful, and likely to make any cheese fan’s mouth water, but informative as well. (How do you tell a brie from a Camembert? Did you know that eating cheese can slow tooth decay?) It touches on everything from the history of various styles of cheese to suggestions for cheese boards and pairings. Darlington’s enthusiasm for all things bloomy and tangy comes through on every page, and she invites the reader to explore with her: to taste and pair, to learn and travel, and to—as she puts it—divine their own “dairy destiny.”


Tenaya Darlington ’94

Workman, September 2023