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Information for Applicants

Applying to Celebrating Collaborations

Students wishing to display a poster, make a presentation, do a performance, curate an exhibition, or share their other collaborative work with faculty during this year’s Celebrating Collaborations event should complete and submit the Collaborations Application Form.

If you have questions, please email

Deadline for Application

The deadline for application forms is March 15, 2024. Every effort will be made to include students who submitted a completed application form. Please note that forms received after the deadline will not be considered.

  • Students present work created in collaboration with faculty. The student work is presented on the Collaborations day in April.
  • If you have a solo project, then you will apply with the faculty/instructor’s name as the person overseeing the project.
  • If you are a team of students working on a project or connected projects, you will need one student to be the point of contact for the application process.

  • There are two formats for your project submission:
    Poster OR Presentation with an audience
  • Poster—You have a large poster printed to be displayed on the wall or board behind you. The audience stops by your poster to learn more about your work. You will be in a room with other posters generally grouped together by subject matter. You must be present for the entire poster session which is approximately two hours.
  • Presentation with an audience—You present your work in a classroom setting with an audience. This can take any form you wish: video, exhibition, slide deck/power point or performance during your talk. You field questions from the audience. These are approximately 15 minutes.

  • All of the names and class years of the students involved in the project
  • A working title
  • Faculty/instructor names and professional titles ( ex. Sophia Smith, associate professor of English)
  • Which program supports this projects i.e. AEMES, Stride, Honor Presentations etc.
  • Which academic unit supports this project? (Name of department/program/concentration)
  • A decision between either poster or presentation with an audience

I have two projects?
Apply for each project separately but for scheduling purposes ensure you mention on your application that you will be participating in another project.
My research won’t be complete by the Collaborations Day?
You will present the findings that you have at that point in your research project.
I have an event time conflict? 
Reach out to the Collaborations team and we will work with you.
Are visitors welcome?
Yes! Of course.

  • Email Someone will get back to you with answers to any questions that you may still have about joining.

Participation Guidelines

Students in all classes and all majors (including those who are undecided) are encouraged to submit proposals.


Proposals deriving from course projects and papers, special studies projects, honors theses, fellowships, concentrations, performances and other student-faculty interactions are all welcome. Please note that works-in-progress are welcomed and encouraged.


Students are encouraged to be creative in considering how best to present their work. They need to submit, in advance, their works in either one of these formats: PDF, PowerPoint, or Google Slides (for presentations), audio or video file. There will be a series of concurrent sessions for research posters and presentations  Students will present their work to an audience and may also answer questions.

You will be assigned to a poster session based on your research. In the session, students stand by their posters and discuss their work with visitors as they walk by.

There will be several concurrent and extended sessions for presentations and performances; most of these sessions take place in Seelye Hall. Presenters describe their work to an audience and may also answer questions. Types of presentations may include:
  • Powerpoint or Google Slides presentations
  • Short paper presentations
  • Poster presentations
  • Art presentations/exhibits
  • Audio or video presentation
  • Panel presentations: For panel or group presentation proposals, only one form needs to be submitted. Name and contact information should be listed for each participant.
  • Workshops

Types of performances may include:

  • Poetry readings
  • Story readings
  • Films
  • Play readings or other theatrical performances
  • Dances
  • Musical works/concerts
  • Performance art

Poster Preparation Procedures This Science Center site will help you select and obtain or prepare text, photos, graphs, maps and any other content to be included on your poster.

Student-curated exhibitions of visual art may be included in Collaborations as space and time allows.


Presenters prepare a brief explanation of their work (45 seconds to a couple of minutes) that will be accessible to all visitors and should be prepared to respond to questions.


Standard presentation slots are 15 minutes including Q&A. We encourage participants to keep the presentation to about 10 minutes and leave 5 minutes for questions at the end. In some situations, more time may be allotted for selected presentations. If you need additional time, please indicate how much and why on your application form.


The length of individual performances may vary, but are typically 15 minutes long. On some occasions, additional time may be allotted. If you need additional time, please indicate how much and why on your application form.


Student-curated exhibitions may be displayed on the day of Collaborations only or may be available for viewing for a longer period depending on their location and the arrangements made with faculty and departments outside of Collaborations.

What equipment is provided?

Space and materials to hang posters are provided for the Poster Sessions when you arrive to hang your materials. All classrooms include computers, projection equipment, and internet connections. Additional equipment may be available upon request.

Email Someone will get back to you on the steps you need to take to make those changes. 


If you have questions about Celebrating Collaborations or completing the application form, please contact