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Emergency Preparedness Resources for Active Shooter Situation

Presidential Letters 22-23

Published April 12, 2023

Dear students, staff, and faculty:

We live at a time when communities need to be prepared for an active shooting event, even though the probability of such an event is low. Going forward, we plan to remind the community each semester about best practices for responding to such an event.

These best practices, developed by law enforcement and adapted by colleges and universities, are on the Smith website and follow the Run, Hide, Fight protocol. Reviewing this information is optional, of course, and we acknowledge that the content on the website, which includes a link to a video portraying the correct response to an active shooter situation, may be upsetting for some members of our community.

For extra support after reviewing the materials referenced in this email, students may reach out to Counseling Services to schedule an appointment with a counselor; faculty and staff may use our Employee Assistance Program.


Kathleen McCartney

David DeSwert
Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration

Michael Thurston
Provost and Dean of the Faculty

Alexandra Keller
Interim Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of the College