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Covid19 Academic Continuity and Support Materials, March 11, 2020

COVID-19 Academic Continuity and Support Materials, March 11, 2020

Dear faculty,

Here are the materials I shared in today's faculty meeting, all linked off our new help site, a site that is world viewable. Note that most of the materials at present are for faculty. We will amplify these resources in the coming days and add more robust content for staff and students, too. We'll also keep working on the priorities that are not yet fully addressed (further details in the meeting deck), and we'll continue to add more training and consultation sessions, too.

  • The deck I used in the meeting (PDF)
  • The one page overview of our transition plan (PDF)
  • The Covid-19 Course preparation guide (PDF)
  • An initial list of workshops mapped to the course functions in the above guide (link)
  • Smith College Libraries Resources (link)
  • Getting your equipment ready (link)
  • Our new Covid19 Digital Support help request form, to request consultation, get technical support for remote work, or volunteer to help us in this effort (link, Smith login required)

At some point tomorrow, we will also add the Zoom recording to the website, under the "Archive of Emails & Media Materials" link, under the Resources menu.

On behalf of everyone participating in the covid19 support effort, we are all here to support you. Get in touch via the digital support help form linked above, or via email to for general questions.