Smith College A Culture of Care

Alert: Mandatory Masking In Effect

Letters to the Community
May 6, 2022

Dear students, staff and faculty:

Due to a COVID-19 case spike both on campus and in the region, masking is now required in all indoor spaces unless a student or employee is eating, drinking or alone (or with their roommate) in their individual room or office. 

While results from this week’s on-campus testing program are not complete, we expect more than 60 positive student and employee results, the highest weekly total since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Meanwhile, more than half of Massachusetts counties are considered by the CDC to be at a high COVID risk level. While Hampshire County is still listed as medium risk, local cases have been rising and trending our county toward a higher level designation. 

Students and employees who are traveling are strongly encouraged to remain masked at all times. Students on campus, especially seniors, should practice extraordinary caution to ensure that they are able to participate in in-person activities - especially graduation events. 

Masks are available now at the Campus Center information desk on the main level, and in buildings all over campus in lobbies and other common areas. Please only take one mask per day.  If kept clean, the same mask can be safely worn for several days.  

CIRT will continue to monitor case trends and respond accordingly.