Alumnae Poets

Margaret Draft '13

Margaret Draft

Margaret Draft holds a BA in English Language & Literature from Smith College and an MFA in Creative Writing from the Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. She was awarded the Ethel Olin Corbin Prize and is a recent recipient of a work-study scholarship from The Frost Place for their Conference on Poetry. Her poems have appeared in Southern Humanities Review, on Poetry Daily, and elsewhere. She is the Contest Coordinator for The Frost Place Chapbook Competition sponsored by Bull City Press. 


Select Poems

It is written somewhere in the sky—we are supposed to forget quickly. How? An elephant stands on a tiny pedestal. In a field under a tent. The ringmaster spectacular in his tails and topcoat, expert in redirection, points towards the acrobat. The acrobat astounds because he could fall.

The other day I told my friend the story in which you fell through the floorboards of an old barn. As I told the story, I recalled the manner in which you carefully transferred milk to a newborn calf. You beckoned to Babette singing come Bossy Boss come Boss.

Years since you carved onto your forearm that pig with wings but have you ever noticed that the word pigeon encompasses the word pig? Once, in the evening on Fifth or Third, I saw a pigeon drop into a vat of mustard. I watched its dark wings thrash. Then yield.

Published in Southern Humanities Review Vol. 51, Issue 4, 2018