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Apply for Film & Media Studies FMS 281

This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of screenwriting. Combining lectures and script analyses, students focus on character development, story structure, conflict, and dialogue featured in academy award-winning screenplays. Students begin with three creative story ideas, developing one concept into a full-length screenplay of their own. Through in-class read-throughs and rewrites, students are required to complete ~30 pages of a full-length screenplay with a detailed outline of the entire story. Graded only. Prerequisites: FMS 150 or ARS 162 with FMS 150 strongly encouraged. Course applicaiton rquired. Enrollment limited to 12. {A}


In what semester did you take Introduction to Film and Media Studies (FMS150) or its equivalent on another campus?
Why do you want to take this course? What would you like to accomplish in it?
Have you taken any film or video production or digital art classes? Do you have experience with video production outside of a college class?
Have you taken any other Film & Media Studies classes? Please list them.
In this course, we will write ~30 pages of a screenplay within the narrative, documentary and experimental/hybrid modes. Please write a brief, general description of a project you might like to develop in the course.