Mohini Kulp

Senior Laboratory Instructor in Chemistry

Mohini Kulp

Contact & Office Hours

Ford Hall 315



Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco

A.B., Mount Holyoke College


Mohini Kulp is interested in developing exercises that teach students to use analytical chemistry techniques to answer questions of interest at the interface of chemistry and biology. Recent projects include looking at toxic heavy metals in herbal medicines and using mass spectrometry to test for illegal pharmaceuticals in herbal supplements.

Selected Publications

Dimova, K., Metskas, L.A., Kulp, M., Scordilis, S.P., "Skeletal Muscle Gender Dimorphism From Proteomics," Journal of Visualized Experiments, 58, 2011, 3536.

Metskas, L.A., Kulp, M., Scordilis, S.P., "Gender Dimorphism in the Exercise-naïve Murine Skeletal Muscle Proteome," Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters, 3, 2010, 507-16.

Starzyk, A., Barber-Armstrong, W., Sridharan, M. [Kulp, M.], Decatur, S.M., "Spectroscopic Evidence for Backbone Desolvation of Helical Peptides by 2,2,2-trifluoroethanol: an Isotope-edited FTIR Study," Biochemistry, 44, 2005, 369-76.

Kulp, M., Frickel, E.M., Ellgaard, L., Weissman, J.S., "Domain Architecture of Protein-disulfide Isomerase Facilitates Its Dual Role as an Oxidase and an Isomerase in Ero1p-mediated Disulfide Formation," The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Jan 13; 281(2), 876-84.

Gorczynski, M.J., Grembecka, J., Zhou, Y., Kong, Y., Roudaia, L., Douvas, M.G., Newman, M., Bielnicka, I., Baber, G., Corpora, T., Shi, J., Sridharan, M. [Kulp, M.], Lilien, R., Donald, B.R., Speck, N.A., Brown, M.L., Bushweller, J.H., "Allosteric Inhibition of the Protein-protein Interaction Between the Leukemia-associated Proteins Runx1 and CBFbeta," Chemical Biology, 2007, Oct 14(10), 1186-97.