Laura A. Katz

Elsie Damon Simonds Professor of Biological Sciences

Laura Katz

Contact & Office Hours

Burton Hall 201



Ph.D., Cornell University

A.B., Harvard College


Research Interests

Work in the Katz lab aims to elucidate principles of eukaryotic evolution through phylogenetic reconstruction, community sampling and analyses of genome evolution. The bulk of eukaryotic diversity is microbial, with plants, animals and fungi representing only three of some 60–200 lineages of eukaryotes. Many of these microbial lineages are understudied, yet the limited data available suggest the eukaryotic microbes challenge established principles in biology. We are currently focusing on four aspects of the evolution of eukaryotic microbes:

  1. Assembling the Eukaryotic Tree of Life through Analyses of Eukaryotic Microbes
  2. Phylogeography of Coastal Choreotrich and Oligotrich Ciliates
  3. Molecular Systematics of Ciliates
  4. Genome Evolution in Ciliates

Representative Publications

Peer-reviewed articles

Tekle, Y. I. , J. R. Grant, L. O. R. Anderson, J. C. Cole, T. Nerad, and L. A. Katz. 2008. "Phylogenetic placement of diverse amoebae inferred from multigene analyses and assessment of clade stability within 'Amoebozoa' upon removal of varying rate classes of SSU-rDNA." Mol. Phylo. Evol. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2007.11.015.

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Katz, L. A., and D. Bhattacharya, eds. 2006. Genome Evolution in Eukaryotic Microbes. Oxford University Press.

Book chapters

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Other publications

Katz, L.A. 2007. "Genomes: Epigenomics and the future of genome sciences." Current Biology 16: R996–997.

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**Smith College student author