Jonathan Gosnell

Professor of French Studies; Department Chair of French Studies

Jonathan Gosnell

Contact & Office Hours

Spring 2023
Monday  2-3 pm

Thursday  10-11 am

and by appointment

Tyler Annex 202



Ph.D., M.A., New York University

B.A., Brown University


Jonathan Gosnell teaches language at all levels and topics in contemporary French society and culture. His research examines articulations of French cultural identity outside of metropolitan France, as constructed in the colonial and postcolonial worlds. It explores French designs of empire, Europe and the Americas, from the 17th century to today. He is the author of Franco-America in the Making: The Creole Nation Within (2018), The Politics of Frenchness in Colonial Algeria, 1930–1954 (2002), and is currently at work on cultures of labor, leisure and love in francophone spaces.

Professor Gosnell’s articles have appeared in The French Review, Contemporary French Civilization, French Cultural Studies, French Politics, Culture & Society, Québec Studies, Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and the Australian Journal of French Studies. He sits on the editorial board of French Colonial History. Gosnell directed the Smith JYA Program for International Studies in Geneva in 2006–07, 2010–11 and 2012–13, and is currently mentor to the twelve amazing scholars of Posse 8.

Selected Publications

“Resisting the Image: Heidi, Sheep and Swiss Trash.Australian Journal of French Studies, Volume 59, Number 2 (2022): 198-216.

“The (French) Creole Turn?” Québec Studies, Volume 71 (Spring-Summer 2021): 19-39.

“La France d’outre-mer: rêves coloniaux d’hier et réalités postcoloniales d’aujourd’hui.” Chapter 16 in La France contemporaine: unité et diversités, polarisations et solidarités. Sous la direction de Michel Gueldry et Armelle Crouzières-Ingenthron. AATF, Volume 2 (2020): 405-431.

“Le Base ball, Assimilation and Ethnic Identity: The National Pastime in Franco-America.” Québec Studies, Volume 66, Number 4 (Winter 2018): 49-75.

“Franco-American Cultures in a New World Perspective.”  French Politics, Culture and Society, Volume 30, Number 3 (Winter 2012): 96-118.