Daniel Vahaba

Mellon Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Discourse in the Disciplines: Biological Sciences

Daniel Vahaba

Contact & Office Hours

Sabin-Reed Hall 434



Ph.D, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Daniel Vahaba is a Mellon visiting assistant professor in public discourse in biology, biochemistry and neuroscience. Broadly, his primary research interest is in how hormones act within the brain to enable animals to communicate with one another. In addition to studying how nonhuman animals communicate, he is also interested in how scientists communicate with people outside of academia and enjoys making science more accessible to broad audiences, as well as helping scientists become better communicators.

Selected Publications

* = equal author contributions; #undergraduate author

Research Articles

Vahaba DM, Macedo-Lima M, Remage-Healey L (2017). Sensory coding and sensitivity to local estrogens shift during critical period milestones in the auditory cortex of male songbirdseNeuro.

Beery AK,Vahaba DM, #Grunberg D (2014). Corticotropin-releasing factor receptor densities vary with photoperiod and socialityHormones & Behavior.

Reviews & Commentaries

Vahaba DM & Remage-Healey L (2018). Neuroestrogens rapidly shape auditory circuits to support communication learning and perception: Evidence from songbirdsHormones & Behavior.

​Remage-Healey L, *Krentzel AA, *Macedo-Lima M, *Vahaba DM (2017). Species diversity matters in biological researchPolicy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Vahaba DM & ​Remage-­Healey L. (2015). Brain estrogen production and the encoding of recent experienceCurr Opin Behav Sci.