Brian Katz

Visiting Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

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Contact & Office Hours

Burton Hall

Pronouns: No preference


Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

B.A., Williams College


Originally attracted to the philosophical questions about mathematics at the boundary of algebraic geometry, Brian Katz (BK) has spent a decade as an education researcher after receiving a doctorate in mathematics training. BK’s research focuses on the ways that students develop voice, mathematical authority and disciplinary epistemologies in the context of inquiry classrooms, as well as the related questions of equity and justice, especially for students who are preparing to become secondary high school teachers. BK is also part of the editorial teams at the AMS blog inclusion/exclusion, the journal PRIMUS and the MAA classroom resource materials board.

BK is an associate professor on leave for two years: one teaching in a high school and one visiting Smith College. BK is also passionate about justice, singing and kittens.