Andrew Berke

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Andrew Berke

Contact & Office Hours

Ford Hall 011



Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

B.S., Grand Valley State University

B.A., Calvin College


Andrew Berke is interested in combining elements of atmospheric and physical chemistry. His research focuses on exploring the fundamental physical properties and chemical composition of aerosols. These properties have implications for problems ranging from human health to air quality (regionally, nationally and globally) and climate change. His lab is specifically interested in a molecular-level understanding of how chemical complexity, due to both biogenic (natural) and anthropogenic (manmade) emission sources, affects aerosol composition, growth, transport and optical properties.

Selected Publications

Donaldson, M. A., Berke, A. E., Raff, J. D., “Uptake of Gas Phase Nitrous Acid onto Boundary-Layer Soil Surfaces,” Environmental Science & Technology, 48(1), 375 (2014).

Berke, A. E., Volpa, E. H., Annesley, C. J., Crim, F. F., “The Influence of Translational and Vibrational Energy on the Reaction of Cl with CH3D,” The Journal of Chemical Physics, 138, 224306 (2013).

Annesley, C. J., Berke, A. E., Crim, F. F., “Reaction Dynamics and Vibrational Spectroscopy of CH3D Molecules with Both C-H and C-D Stretches Excited,” The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 112(39), 9448 (2008).