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Center for the Environment, Ecological Design, and Sustainability (CEEDS)

Center for the Environment, Ecological Design & Sustainability, Smith College


The Center for the Environment, Ecological Design, and Sustainability (CEEDS) exists with one purpose: We facilitate academic and applied experiences for students that help them excel at integrating knowledge across disciplines, in support of environmental decisions and action.

We work to integrate sustainable practices into Smith’s operations and connect campus operations with student learning. We also support faculty in their efforts to deepen their understanding of salient environmental issues and to integrate those issues into the curricula. We promote institutional innovation and progress toward the college’s commitment to be a model of sustainability.

The mission of CEEDS is to catalyze, support, and enable campus inquiry, engagement, and action toward positive sustainable change at Smith and in the world by engaging throughout academics, college operations, co-curricular programming, and research.

We are the Environmental Science and Policy program, the Environmental Concentration, an internal consultant for sustainable operations, caretakers of the MacLeish Field Station, host of numerous internships and independent studies, a welcoming space for people to gather, connect, and learn, and the intersection for students and faculty to explore how and where to make change. 

Students discussing environmental data

Meet the Team

Photo of Joanne Benkley
Joanne Benkley

Assistant Director
CEEDS & Environmental Science and Policy
Cell: 413-923-1546

Photo of Denise McKahn
Denise McKahn

Faculty Director, Associate Professor of Engineering

Rachael Wein portrait
Rachael Wein

Assistant Director, Campus Sustainability
Cell: 510-301-8434

Photo of Dano Weisbord
Dano Weisbord

Administrative Director of CEEDS & Campus Planning

Paul Wetzel

Curriculum & Research Administrator
Cell: 413-387-7983

Veeka Trofimova

Administrative Assistant

Study Sustainability

Explore Smith’s various sustainability-related academic pathways.

Learn more about the variety of options in Academics on the Sustainable Smith site or come visit us in CEEDS to chat about your interests.

Work-study Positions & Spot Jobs

During the academic year and summer, CEEDS hosts a variety of work-study positions and internships such as:

  • CEEDS Programming and Communications Internships
  • Smithcycle and Eco-Reps Program coordinators
  • Periodic short-term jobs such as zero waste ambassadors

Adventures and Events

CEEDS hosts programming to help students get access to, play in, and learn about our natural environment. We lead birding, mushroom hunting, snowshoeing tours, do apple cider pressing, and much more. Lean about all our events, lectures, and workshops by visiting the events page.

Visit Get Involved on the Sustainable Smith site for more ways to participate.

Students as ECOReps

Partnering with CEEDS as a student

CEEDS collaborates with and supports students in all manner of pursuits.  Examples include: 

  • One on one academic and career advising
  • Support for student organizations and student-led initiatives such as Sunrise Movement
  • Co-designing and supporting special studies and research
  • Hosting outdoor events such as mushroom hunting, birding, snowshoeing, campfire-making and more.

If you are interested in collaborating with CEEDS in these or other ways, please reach out!