I am Smith

Caty Maloney ’22


About Caty

Class of 2022

Baldwin House

Sociology and East Asian Studies

What other clubs, sports, other activities are you normally involved in?
I work at the Smith College Alumnae House. I also time keep for the Smith College ice hockey team’s home games during their season. I'm also involved in Smith Students for Reproductive Justice club, I’m a writing tutor at the Jacobson Center, and I’m also a Chinese tutor for second-year Chinese. 

Do you have a favorite pandemic hobby?
Some of my favorite hobbies from the pandemic have been reading fantasy novels and cooking.

Describe yourself in three words:
Curious, kind, creative

What’s your favorite place on campus?
The greenhouse is obviously a great spot, but I also love sitting in the swing next to [President] Kathy’s house and watching the sun go down over Paradise Pond.  

“Make an effort to get to know your professors, join a club, find an on-campus job—the options are endless and it‘s a great way to meet new people!”

What’s your daily routine?
Eat breakfast with friends at Chase/Duckett dining hall, go to class, grab a quick lunch from Chapin (now that the weather is nicer I would probably eat outside!), go back to class, do some homework in the Campus Café (I love how sunny it is in there!), get dinner with friends, and finally, go back to my room to do more homework/hang out with friends! 

What are your favorite classes?
Some of my favorite classes from the past year included Gender and Globalization and also The New Global Political Economy (both with Professor Banerjee). Professor Banerjee really encouraged us to care for one another and maintain the supportive Smith community online… even when it was hard and people didn't have much energy in the tank. 

What’s one message you’d say to incoming students or one thing you’d tell them about being at Smith?
Smith is an incredibly unique college experience. There are so many things to enjoy and so many resources to take advantage of. My advice would be to get involved! Make an effort to get to know your professors, join a club, find an on-campus job—the options are endless and it’s a great way to meet new people!


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