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Summer Programs & Conferences


Rhonda Davis

Summer & External Events Manager
51 College Lane
Northampton, MA 01063

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During the summer months, the Smith College Campus is host to a wide variety of summer programs ranging from athletic camps, to conferences, to academic programs for all age groups.

Smith College has a wide range of spaces that can accommodate your summer program including academic classrooms, athletic facilities, indoor and outdoor track and tennis facilities, and other outdoor spaces for recreational use.

Residential space and dining options are also available during the summer months. Prices and availability are subject to change.

To discuss your program needs or schedule a site visit, please contact the Summer Programs Office at 413-585-3736. 

Precollege Programs

Smith College offers a selection of residential summer courses for motivated high school students who wish to pursue their interests in an academic setting while strengthening their college applications.

For more information, visit Precollege Programs at Smith.

2018 Summer Programs/Conferences *

June 2–10 Body-Mind Centering Association Conference
June 4 The Nightingale-Bamford School
June 11–17 Django in June
June 23–July 29 IACD Conference
June 29–July 7 Western Wind Session 1
July 5–29 Lyra Music Festival Workshop
July 6–8 Science of the Soul
July 15–18 American Choral Directors Association
July 15–17 Family Workshop
July 17–22 Black Liberation and Community Development
July 21–August 8 GPI US
July 22–August 4 Molecular Biology Summer Workshop
August 3–12 Western Wind Session 2
August 4-12 Generation IV
August 5–10 Contemplative Pedagogy Summer Session

* 2019 Summer Program Schedule will be posted in the spring.