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Using the Smith Logo

The logo and wordmark should be a significant graphic element on all printed material and websites. Several different versions of the logo are available; when in doubt as to which you should use, please contact College Relations.


  • The logo should not be screened, rotated or used as part of a larger pattern. The logo can vary in size but should not be reduced to less than two inches in length. To avoid confusion, there should be no other competing logos.
  • Because the size and spatial relationships of the letters in the wordmark are part of the overall design and function as a part of the complete logo, alteration of the wordmark in any way (outlining, shadows, stretching or condensing) is unacceptable. Do not attempt to set the wordmark yourself, change the font, or alter the size, proportions or space between the letters.
  • The college seal, developed in 1983, should be reserved for formal and official documents.

If your project requires an exception to these guidelines, or if you have a question about using the logo on your project, please contact us. College relations is responsible for administering the visual identity system as it relates to publications, printed materials and web pages.


The college allows student and alumnae groups and college offices, departments, organizations and clubs to use the college name and marks for promotional or fundraising projects. The college does not have an official licensing process or agreement, except in the case of branded merchandise sold through our bookstore.

Vendors requiring further information should contact John Eue, associate vice president for public affairs.

Smith College is a registered trademark of the Trustees of Smith College.

Approved Colors

The approved colors for the Smith College logo are Pantone 295 (blue) and 130 (yellow). The Office of College Relations can supply digital files of the logo in Pantone format and a CMYK version for multi-color publications. The logo should be used in its blue and yellow rendition in digital publications and web pages. A version designed to be reversed on dark web pages, in the appropriate colors, is available for downloading. A single-color white version of the logo is acceptable on web pages with dark backgrounds.

PMS 295 100-69-8-54 0-40-85 002855
PMS 130 0-32-100-0 242-169-0 F2A900

Smith College Logo

Smith College Logo Black

Color Variations

The single-color version of the logo may be reproduced in any color.

Smith College Logos

If the logo is to be used on a dark background, the wordmark should appear in white and the colors of the diamond are reversed— blue letterforms on a yellow diamond. If your project does not allow for multiple colors, the single-color logo should be reversed to white. The single-color white version of the logo, shown below, is acceptable on Web pages with dark backgrounds.

Smith College Logo on Color