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Building Naming Nomination

Smith’s history is robust—the result of the experiences and contributions of its community members since 1871. Yet that history is not fully acknowledged in the names of our buildings and spaces, which are the most public expression of our collective past. As part of our desire to create an inclusive environment on campus, we look for opportunities to honor the breadth of our history through building names.

About This Initiative

Inclusion begins with affirming identity. In an effort to give affirmational names to four Smith houses that currently have “annex” in their name or are known only by their street address–specifically—Park Annex, Parsons Annex, 150 Elm Street, and 54 Green Street—we recently invited members of the Smith community to nominate people with connections to the college, after whom the college could name these houses. It is our hope that new names will recognize aspects of our collective Smith history previously unrecognized. Submissions are now closed.

President McCartney has convened a committee to manage this process; its members include:

  • Floyd Cheung, vice president for equity and inclusion, co-chair
  • Elena Palladino, secretary of the board of trustees, co-chair
  • Remi Amokomowo, BSA
  • Darcy Buerkle, professor of history
  • Aaron Kamugisha, professor of Africana studies
  • Andrea Gomez-Sarmiento, Ada class president
  • Alex Keller, dean of the college and vice president for campus life
  • Beth Raffeld, senior vice president for alumnae relations and development
  • Stacey Steinbach, assistant director residence life
  • Iris Wu, ASA
  • Julia Yager, vice president for college relations and communications

The committee will consider all nominations and then make recommendations to the President and Board of Trustees, who ultimately hold the authority to make decisions on house names.