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College Council on Community Policy

Campus Aerial


The Smith College Council on Community Policy is a broadly representative, deliberative group that meets to consider matters that concern the campus community. In its deliberations, and working in concert with others on campus as appropriate, the “College Council” addresses issues of common concern. Its mission concerns the well-being of the community — its capacity for collegiality and the pursuit of the commonwealth while providing an excellent education to women.



  • Susan Dawley, Interim Campus Police Officer in Charge, ex-officio
  • Susan Etheredge, Dean of the College, ex-officio
  • Laurie Fenlason, Vice President for Public Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, ex-officio
  • Elisa Lanzi, Director of Digital Strategies and Services, Libraries
  • Ray LaBarre, Interim Chief of Police, ex-officio
  • Samuel Masinter, Associate Vice President for College Relations, ex-officio
  • Kathleen McCartney, President, ex-officio 
  • Kristina Mereigh, Associate Director of Health Services, ex officio
  • Matthew Motyka, Controller, ex-officio
  • Laura Rauscher, Director of Disability Services
  • Mariana Estrella Rivera, Area Coordinator
  • Katherine Rowe, Provost/Dean of the Faculty, ex-officio 


  • Brent Durbin (2019)
  • Jonathan Gosnell (2019)
  • Lucy Mule (2019)


  • Jennifer Blackburn, Poetry Center (2019)
  • Karla Borecky, Information Technology Services (2020)
  • Danielle Brown, Development (2019)
  • Michael Ireland, Student Financial Services (2020); co-chair
  • Premila Nair, Health Services (2019)
  • Irene Rodriguez-Martin, School for Social Work (2020)
  • Karen Sise, Registrar’s Office (2018)
  • Stacey Steinbach, Student Affairs (2018)


  • Zoya Alam ’19
  • Jessica Feinberg ’18
  • Katya Garcia-Israel ’20
  • Andrea Hutter, Ada Cabinet representative
  • Toula Sierros ’20, Sophomore Class President
  • Rosalie Toupin ’20, SGA Secretary

Smith College Alumnae Association

  • Barbara Williams (Appointed by the Director of the Alumnae Association)

City of Northampton

  • Gina-Louise Sciarra, City Councilor (Ward 4)
  • Dennis Bidwell, City Councilor (Ward 2)