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Community is the beginning of incalculable good.

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Eleanor Wu

Give the Gift of Smith

We are challenging the Smith community to raise 3,100 donations in 31 days. Your December donation will go directly toward financial aid. 

"I have never seen a community so willing to love and accept everyone," says Eleanor Wu ’26 about Smith. "We are the future and the future depends on us. It’s a team effort that can only be achieved as a collective." Your gift to the Smith Fund—regardless of size—combined with others will support Eleanor and other Smith students as they realize their dreams.

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Smith, in the Moment

Research & Inquiry

The Big One

Professor Jack Loveless is trying to improve the Pacific Northwest’s ‘seismic resilience.’

  • Research & Inquiry
  • November 29, 2023

Building Futures

Kathleen McCartney Hall will be a hub for career development and leadership.

  • Campus
  • November 16, 2023
Smith & Northampton

Curbing Light Pollution

Professor James Lowenthal says new lighting in Northampton could help preserve dark skies.

  • Smith & Northampton
  • November 27, 2023

A Culture of Community

Claire Sullivan ’25

Study of Women & Gender major; Archaeology minor; Book Studies concentrator

“I am studying abroad this semester and have found out just how strong the the community created by Smith is. In the first 36 hours of landing in a new country three different alums struck up conversations with me because I was wearing my Smith sweatshirt.”

Claire Sullivan

EJ Seibert ’08

Director of Disability Services

“[Community at Smith] is thinking of the collective whole and the ways in which each individual contributes to and benefits from our web of connection. It is allowing oneself to change and be changed by one another within our shared environment.”

EJ Seibert

Candice Price

Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences

“Teaching in the classroom is not just sharing knowledge but having a conversation with students, seeing what they already know, and building on that knowledge by receiving their feedback and adjusting the conversation.”


Gina-Louise Sciarra ’96

Mayor of Northampton

“Smith taught me to be open and to listen to different points of view and be able to have an open mind and take in information in many ways—but then also to have a center of core values and be able to defend them.”