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Community is the beginning of incalculable good.

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A dancer in performance
Two alums walking in the botanic gardens.

Welcome Home, Alums!

We’re so glad you’re back for Reunion II—we’ve missed you! Check out all that this weekend has to offer, from the Alumnae Parade to lectures and performances.

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A Culture of Community

Tallulah Costa ’25

Government major; Study of Women & Gender minor

“Community at Smith is the feeling of belonging, of finding your home. It's the feeling of warmth and happiness, eating dinner, being cozy, and watching the snow fall with the people you love who you didn’t even know four years ago.”

Balbir Singh

Teacher, Center for Early Childhood Education

“[The Smith community] is a feeling of family, all sharing the same goals.”

Barbara Kellum

Professor of Art

”It makes my day every time I hear from a Smithie. I am also proud to teach at an institution that values equity and inclusion and has eliminated student loans.“


Kai Devlin ’10

CRM Administrator & Marketing Lead, Smith College

“Talbot House became my home, and it was where I always felt supported, loved, welcomed, and valued. One of my housemates even officiated my wedding in 2019!”