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Tuhin Das

Visiting Poet

“No one will come to know who I am. / Not even if they see my body split open. / They won’t know who’s beneath my skin. … On the road a hushed voice behind me says: / ‘You know who he is? A refugee,’” Bengali poet, activist, and political columnist Tuhin Das writes in his latest collection, Exile Poems: In the Labyrinth of Homesickness (Bridge & Tunnel Books). This latest work centers his life as an exiled writer, spanning both exploration of a new city as well as existential struggles and loneliness. Edward Hower celebrates this “heartfelt collection of poems, intense and evocative, singing of a longing for home, the confusion of exile, and a hope for reconciliation between the bittersweet memories of Bangladesh and the promises of a new life in America.”

Tuhin Das began publishing contemporary Bangladeshi literature in 2000 and is author of eight Bengali poetry books which have been widely published in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. He is currently based in the U.S. where he is a writer-in-residence in City of Asylum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has recently completed a novel about minority persecution in Bangladesh and is currently seeking translation.

Co-Sponsored by the Jandon Center for Community Engagement and the Lewis Global Studies Center

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Poetry Center Reading Date: October 2023