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Sarah Collins Honenberger ’74

Alumnae Poet

Sarah Collins Honenberger

Sarah Collins Honenberger ’74, an award-winning novelist, finds inspiration in ordinary people who overcome extraordinary challenges. Her third novel, CATCHER, CAUGHT is a Pen Faulkner Foundation selection for its Writers in Schools program, a 21st century re-telling of JD Salinger’s THE CATCHER IN THE RYE. Poetry and short stories are her reward for long days of creating and editing the novels.  

Select Poems

 (inspired by the oil painting ‘Repose’ by Dominic Avant) 


Let her go if she wants. 

The sun, the shadows are her continent.  

Unbroken skin and black as uncut jade,  

she waits, but will not beg 

for what was hers once and will again 

be hers alone. You must not bind those hands, 

fine-boned, unbloodied, and so regal.  

Nefertiti called her out and yet 

she did not bend, only let the moon drift on 

without her. Unspoken dreams and  

time like the lost pharaohs  

braid up the fairest and bury them deep. 

You cannot cure that destruction, only 

raise the cry, sound the horn,  

order your cities to bow down and  

she will again 

be queen.