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Rosetta Marantz Cohen

Myra M. Sampson Professor Emerita of Education and Child Study

Rosetta Cohen


Morgan Hall


Rosetta Marantz Cohen is Myra M. Sampson Professor of Education and Child Study, and Elizabeth Mugar Eveillard 1969 Faculty Director of the Lewis Global Studies Center.

Cohen teaches courses on the history and philosophy of education, women's education and international education, and is the author of five books on educational history and school reform and two prize-winning chapbooks of poetry.


  • AMS 201 Introduction to American Culture and Society
  • EDC 100 The American Teacher
  • EDC 222 Philosophy of Education
  • EDC 232 The American High and High School Teacher
  • EDC 236 American Education
  • EDC 336 John Dewey and His World
  • EDC 552 Perspectives on American Education
  • FYS 184 Educating Women


Cohen, R.M. (2018) The Town of Insomniacs. Lexington, KY: Finishing Line Press.

Cohen, R.M. (2017) The Work and Lives of Teachers: A Global Perspective. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Cohen, R.M. (2017) “Inviting Dewey to an Online Forum: Using Technology to Deepen Student Understanding of Democracy and Education,” in John Dewey's Democracy and Education: A Centennial Handbook, ed Waks, L. and English, A.R. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Cohen, R.M. and S. Scheer (2003) Teacher-Centered Schools: Reimagining Educational Reform in the 21st Century. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press.

Cohen, R.M. and S. Scheer (Eds.) (1997) The Work of Teachers in America: A Social History Through Stories. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Cohen, R.M. (1995) Understanding How School Change Really Happens: Reform at Brookville High. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Cohen, R.M. (1991) A Lifetime of Teaching: Portraits of Five, Veteran High School Teachers. New York: Teachers College Press.

Cohen, R.M. (1982) Domestic Scenes: Collected Poems. Boulder, CO: Riverstone.

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Ed.D., M.Ed., Teachers College, Columbia University
M.F.A., Columbia University
B.A., Yale University

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