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Margaret Glynn Lysaght Thacher

Academic Director, Summer Science & Engineering Program; Senior Laboratory Instructor in Astronomy

Meg Thacher


McConnell Hall 409


In addition to her duties as a lab instructor for the astronomy department, Meg Thacher is the academic director for Smith’s Summer Science and Engineering Program for high school girls. She has also taught introductory physics lab sections and an English course, Writing About Science. Thacher has published over thirty articles in kids’ science magazines. Her first book, Sky Gazing, will be published in October, 2020.

Selected Publications


Sky Gazing: A Guide to the Moon, Sun, Planets, Stars, Eclipses, and Constellations, Storey Publishing, 2020, 132 pages.


"To an Asteroid and Back", Thacher, Meg, 2020, Ask, May/June 2020, 22-25.

"Express to Saturn", Thacher, Meg, 2019, Ask, November/December 2019, 18-21.

"The Terrible Legend of Kuluch and Olwen", 2018, Thacher, Meg. Cricket, March 2018, 16-22.

"Maria Mitchell: Astronomer," Thacher, Meg, 2018, Cobblestone, March 2018, 18-19.

"Money…and Change!", Thacher, Meg, 2018, Highlights, April 2018, 20-23.

"Ready, Set, Eclipse!", Thacher, Meg, 2017, Muse, July/August 2017, 10-15.

"Texting through the Ages", 2017, Thacher, Meg. Muse, April 2017, 24-27.

"Martian Metropolis", Thacher, Meg, 2016, Muse, July/August 2016, 20-23.

"Rings, Arcs, Crosses, and Twins: How dark matter distorts space and bends light", 2015, Thacher, Meg, 2015, Muse, November/December 2015, 20-23.

"Mindset Matters", Thacher, Meg, 2015, Odyssey, March 2015, 26-29.

"Waste + Water", Thacher, Meg, 2014, Odyssey, November/December 2014, 26-27.

"Seeing Stars: Astronomy in the desert southwest", Thacher, Meg, 2013, Faces, April 2013, 6-11.

"Alien Seasons", Thacher, Meg, 2013, Ask, May/June 2013, 18-19.


M.S., Iowa State University
B.S., Carleton College

Selected Works in Smith ScholarWorks