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Juan Sebastian Ospina

Lecturer in Philosophy



Dewey 211


Juan Sebastián Ospina teaches classes on social and political philosophy, philosophy of law, ethics, and Latin American philosophy. His courses combine traditions of the history of philosophy, continental political philosophy, and decolonial philosophies to explore issues such as the relationship between law and violence, moral obligations, political and social ontology, and critical rights theories.  

He completed his Ph.D in Philosophy at the University of Oregon. Ospina’s dissertation project focused on the normative contributions of Enrique Dussel’s politics of liberation to examine the theoretical underpinnings necessary for a decolonial account of law and suggests an alternative conceptualization of the function of law, constituent power, and institutions that result from that Latin American philosophical tradition. In addition to his academic work, Ospina has previous work in human rights advocacy, on transitional justice initiatives, and as advisor of the High Commissioner for Peace in Colombia (2012-2014).

Office Hours

Fall 2023

Tuesday 2:45-4:45 p.m.
and by appointment


Ph.D., University of Oregon
M.A., San Francisco State University
M.A., Universidad de los Andes
B.A., Universidad del Rosario