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Caryl Newhof

Professor Emerita of Exercise and Sport Studies


Caryl Newhof was one of the designers of the graduate program in exercise and sports studies as it transitioned from a program with an emphasis on training teachers of physical education to the present emphasis on the training of coaches for women’s intercollegiate teams. She developed the coaching practicum and supervised the graduate students in their roles as assistant coaches. She also taught a number of performance classes including field hockey, basketball, tennis, squash, golf and horseback riding. Newhof coached field hockey from 1971 to 1979 and squash from 1972 to 1973 and again from 1974 to 1982. She served in a variety of capacities within the department, including chair, director of intramurals and acting director of athletics. In addition, she was a college marshall for many years. 

In 1950 Newhof was a member of the United States Touring Team to South Africa and again in 1959 a member of the team competing in Europe. She was a member of the rules and umpiring committee of the International Federation of Women’s Field Hockey Associations. 

Newhof was a national field hockey and a national basketball official. She is an honorary member of the Hampshire Field Hockey Association and Northeast Field Hockey Associations as well as an honorary field hockey umpire.

Newhof currently lives in Albany, where, as a former club golf champion, she mentors new golfers.


B.S., Boston University
M.S., Smith College