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Albert Young-Sun Kim

Associate Professor of Statistical & Data Sciences

Albert Kim


McConnell Hall 215


Albert Young-Sun Kim (김영선) is an assistant professor of statistical & data sciences. He is a co-author of the fivethirtyeight R package and ModernDive, an online textbook for introductory data science and statistics. His research interests include spatial epidemiology and model assessment and selection methods for forest ecology. Previously, Kim worked in the Search Ads Metrics Team at Google Inc. as well as at Reed, Middlebury and Amherst colleges. You can follow him on Twitter @rudeboybert. He is a native of Montreal, Quebec. 

Office Hours

Fall 2023

Zoom office hours
Mondays 2–3 p.m. 

Tuesday 2:45–4 p.m.
(McConnell 215)

Thursday 10:50 a.m.–12:05 p.m.
(McConnell 215)


Ph.D., University of Washington
B.Sc., McGill University

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