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Prizes & Awards 2008

The following prizes were awarded at the Last Chapel Awards Convocation on Ivy Day, May 17, 2008.

Alumnae Association

The Nancy Cook Steeper ’59 Prize to a senior who, through involvement with the Alumnae Association, has made a significant contribution to building connections between Smith alumnae and current students to Laila Plamondon ’08 and Gladys Pulido ’08

American Studies

The Newton Arvin Prize in American Studies for the best long paper in the introductory course on the Study of American Society and Culture to Emily Sills ’11 and Jessica Wolfenden ’11

The Eleanor Flexner Prize for the best piece of work by a Smith undergraduate using the Sophia Smith Collection and the Smith Archives to Adrian Comly ’08

The Nancy Boyd Gardner Prize for an outstanding paper or other project in American studies by a Smithsonian intern or American studies major to Elisabeth Ramsey ’09; Honorable Mention to Emily Melchin ’08

The Donald H. Sheehan Memorial Prize for outstanding work in American studies to Kathryn Sutton ’08


The Samuel Bowles Prize for the best paper on an anthropological subject to Rebecca Mueller ’08


The Megan Hart Jones Studio Art Prize for judged work in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic arts or architecture to Pamela Dods AC ’08

The Phyllis Williams Lehmann Travel Award to a graduating senior majoring in art, with preference given to students interested in studying art history, especially classical art, at the graduate level to Megan Bernstein ’08 and Zoe Mindell ’08

The Elizabeth Killian Roberts Prize for the best drawing by an undergraduate to Dana Gould ’08

The Enid Silver Winslow ’54 Prize in Art History for the best student paper written in an art history course taught at Smith to Alison Maurer ’08

Museum of Art

The Tryon Prize to a Smith student (or Five College student in a Smith class) for the best piece of writing on a work of art at the Museum to Katrina Greene ’08, Rebecca Mueller ’08 and Marja van der Loo ’08; and for the best installation, digital media or performance art inspired by a work of art or exhibit at the Museum to Kika Gilbert ’08


The Sarah Winter Pokora Prize to a senior who has excelled in athletics and academics to Lauren Pierce ’08J


The Margaret Wemple Brigham Prize to a senior for excellence in the study of microbiology or immunology to Zinmar Aung ’08, Christina Lyman ’08 and Syeda Qadri ’08

The Amey Randall Brown Prize for the best essay on a botanical subject to—First Prize: Alexandra Webster ’08 and Carolyn Whiting ’10; Second Prize: Erica Dickinson AC ’08 and Meaghan Hall ’10

The Esther Carpenter Biology Prize in general biology to a first-year woman graduate student to Paula Turini GR, Alyssa Ward GR and Crystal Ziniewicz GR

The Harriet R. Foote Memorial Prize for outstanding work in botany based on a paper, course work or other contribution to the plant sciences at Smith to Rachael Cain ’08, Mary Speller ’08 and Natasha Worden ’08

Helen Hills Hills Chapel

The Kathleen Bostwick Boyden Prize to a member of the Service Organizations of Smith demonstrating initiative in her volunteer contributions to the community to Rachel Finklestein ’08

The Mollie Rogers/Newman Association Prize to a student who has demonstrated a dedication to humanity and a clear vision for translating that dedication into service that fosters peace and justice among people of diverse cultures to Carly Maberry ’08

The Newman Association Prize for outstanding leadership, dedication and service to the Newman Association at Smith College to Gillian Brunet ’08 and Lauren Carpenter ’08

The Deborah Sosland-Edelman Prize to a senior for outstanding leadership in the Jewish community at Smith and valuable contribution to Smith College campus life to Abby Berns ’08 and Nora Paul-Schultz ’08


The American Chemical Society/ Polymer Education Division Organic Chemistry Award to Anna Reznickova ’10

The American Chemical Society/Division of Analytical Chemistry Award to a chemistry major who has excelled in analytical chemistry to Jennie Brown ’08

The Connecticut Valley Section of the American Chemical Society Award to a student who has done outstanding work in chemistry, biochemistry or chemical engineering to Katherine Kornecki ’08

The American Institute of Chemists/New England Division prize to an outstanding chemist, biochemist or chemical engineer in the graduating class to Vida Chen ’08

The C. Pauline Burt Prize to a senior majoring in chemistry or biochemistry who has shown high potential for further study in science to Jennie Brown ’08 and Paninya Masrangsan ’08

The CRC Press Introductory Chemistry Achievement Award in introductory chemistry to Caitlin Adams ’11, Sophia Bampoh ’11, Hannah Dym ’11 and Mallery Olsen ’11

The Hause-Scheffer Memorial Prize to a senior majoring in chemistry with the best record in that subject to Seiko Fujii ’08

The Hellman Award in Biochemistry for outstanding achievement in the second semester of biochemistry to Nicole Kuchyt ’08

The Rosenfeld Award in Organic Chemistry for excellence in the first semester of organic chemistry to Anna Reznickova ’10 and Su Fu ’10


The John Everett Brady Prize for excellence in translation of Latin at sight to Alla Babushkina ’08 and Alison Smith ’08; and for the best performance in the beginning Latin course to Gabriele Chase ’08, Jennifer Wise ’10 and Nicholas Drozd, Hampshire College

The Julia Harwood Caverno Prize for the best performance in the beginning Greek course to Anna Reznickova ’10

The Alice Hubbard Derby Prize to a member of the junior or senior class for excellence in the translation of Greek at sight to Alison Smith ’08

The George E. Dimock Prize for the best essay on a classical subject to Maria Sclafani ’08 and Alison Smith ’08

Computer Science

The Bert Mendelson Prize to a sophomore for excellence in computer science to Aurelia Moore ’10; and for excellence in the computer science major to a senior to Constance Baltera ’08, Ryan Crouser ’08 and Sarah Unnokon ’08

Office of the Dean of the College

The David C. Burres Memorial Law Prize to a senior or an alumna accepted at law school intending to practice law in the public interest to Sarah Coburn ’07 and Jenny Eagan ’02

The Arthur Ellis Hamm Prize awarded on the basis of the best first-year student’s record to Molly Hamer ’10, Ann Park Lee ’10, Elyse Macksoud ’10, Anna Reznickova ’10 and Elyse Waite ’10

The Barbara Jordan Prize for the Study of Law or Public Policy to a senior or alumna undertaking a career in law or public policy to Rasheba Johnson ’04

The Samuel Michelman Memorial Prize to a senior from Northampton or Hatfield who has maintained a distinguished academic record and contributed to the life of the college to Daniela Jacobson ’08

The Juliet Evans Nelson Award to graduating seniors for their contributions to the Smith community and demonstrated commitment to campus life to Keena Humphrey ’08

The Victoria L. Schrager Prize to a senior who has maintained a distinguished academic record and has also taken an important part in student activities to Graeham Dodd ’08, Jessica Prodis AC ’08 and Elizabeth Wolfson ’08

The Ruth Dietrich Tuttle Prize to encourage further study, travel or research in the areas of international relations, race relations or peace studies to Elisabeth Pixley-Fink ’08

Debate Society

The Andrew C. Slater Prize for excellence in debate to Amanda Smithberger ’08 and for most improved debater to Cornelia Treptow ’10

East Asian Languages and Literatures

The Ettie Chin Hong ’36 Prize to a senior major or minor in East Asian Languages and Literatures for leadership and academic achievement intending to pursue a career in education or service to immigrant and needy communities to Kaoru Hayashi AC ’08, Lorna Troost ’08 and Lillie Zuck ’08


The Samuel Bowles Prize for the best thesis on an economics subject to Puja Singhal ’08

The Sidney S. Cohen Prize for outstanding work in the field of economics to Claire Bolton ’08, Felicitas Burgi ’08, Nancy Dexter ’08, Khadeja Jahangir ’08, Puja Singhal ’08 and Martha Woerner ’08

The Larry C. Selgelid Memorial Prize for outstanding work in economics by a Smith senior to Martha Woerner ’08


The Ford Motor Company Prize for Sustainability to a student who has distinguished herself for her work in support of a sustainable environment to Sari Field ’09

The Nancy Hellman Prize, established in 2005, to the Smith engineering student who has made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of women in engineering to Chan Lim ’08 and Nora Paul-Schultz ’08

The Adeline Devor Penberthy, Class of 1945, Memorial Prize to an undergraduate engineering major for academic excellence in engineering and outstanding contributions toward building a community of learners within the Picker Engineering Program to Briana Tomboulin ’08


The Anne Bradstreet Prize from the Academy of American Poets for the best poem or group of poems submitted by an undergraduate to Laurie Guerrero-Garcés AC ’08

The Elizabeth Babcock Poetry Prize for the best group of poems to Georgia Pearle AC

The Eleanor Cederstrom Prize for the best poem by an undergraduate written in the traditional verse form to Dana Kuttler ’08

The Ethel Olin Corbin Prize to an undergraduate for the best original poem or informal essay in English to Elizabeth Pusack ’09

The Elizabeth Drew Prize for the best fiction writing to Rachel Love ’09; for the best essay by a first-year student to Rachel Starr ’11; and for the best classroom essay to Emily Cordes ’09, Melina Moore ’09, Kimberly Meskimen ’08 and Elizabeth Pusack ’09

The Ruth Forbes Eliot Poetry Prize for the best poem submitted by a first-year student or sophomore to Sarah Green ’11

The Clara French Prize to a senior who has advanced farthest in the study of English language and literature to Anna Megill AC ’08

The Helen Kate Furness Prize for the best essay on a Shakespearean theme to Lynne Francis AC and Dianne Mitchell ’09

The Elizabeth Wanning Harries Prize to a graduating Ada Comstock Scholar for academic distinction and demonstrated commitment to the study of literature in any language to Anna Megill AC ’08 and Kimberly Rogers AC ’08

The Vernon Harward Prize to the best student scholar of Chaucer to Danielle Vazquez ’09

The James T. and Ellen M. Hatfield Memorial Prize for the best short story by a senior majoring in English to Anna Megill AC ’08

The Mary Augusta Jordan Prize to a senior for the most original piece of literary work in prose or verse to Kimberly Rogers AC ’08

The Norma M. Leas, Class of 1939, Memorial Prize to a graduating English major for excellence in written English to Kathryn Sutton ’08

The Elizabeth Montagu Prize for the best essay on a literary subject concerning women to Dianne Mitchell ’09

The Gertrude Posner Spencer Prize for excellence in writing fiction and nonfiction prose to Rebecca Mueller ’08, Elizabeth Pusack ’09 and Maria Sclafani ’08

The Rosemary Thomas Poetry Prize for the best group of poems to Laurie Guerrero-Garcés AC ’08 and Kimberly Rogers AC ’08


The Césaire Prize for excellence in an essay or other project in French by a junior or a senior on campus to Ellen Bauer ’08

The Ruth Alpern Leipziger Prize to an outstanding French major participating in the Junior Year Abroad Program in Paris to Erica Faller ’09, Jennifer Han ’09 and Yara Terrazas-Carafa ’09

The Josephine Ott Prize to a junior in Paris or Geneva for her commitment to the French language and European civilization to Lila Dodge ’09, Rebecca Freeman ’09 and Christine Zhang ’09

The Rousseau Prize for academic excellence awarded annually to a Smith or non-Smith student studying with the Smith College JYA program in Geneva to Catherine Hatch ’09 and Sarah Wald, Northwestern University

The Voltaire Prize to a sophomore for an essay or other project in French that shows originality and engagement with her subject to Abby McIntyre ’10 and Rachel Weston ’10


The Mineralogical Society of America Undergraduate Award for excellence in the field of mineralogy to Merilie Reynolds ’08


The Anita Luria Ascher Memorial Prize to a senior German major who knew some German when she arrived at Smith and whose progress in four years has been considerable to Ann Kurtz ’08; and to the senior non-major who started German at Smith and made exceptional progress to Martha Houston ’08


The Dawes Prize for the best undergraduate work on political science to Gillian Brunet ’08 and Amanda Smithberger ’08


The Gladys Lampert ’28 and Edward Beenstock Prize to a student who excels in either American history or American studies to Kathryn Sutton ’08; Honorable Mention to Molly Chadis ’08 and Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick ’08

The Vera Lee Brown Prize for excellence in history to a senior majoring in history in regular course to Adrian Comly ’08, Eleanor Jefferson ’08 and Gabrielle Thal-Pruzan ’08

The Hazel L. Edgerly Prize to a senior honors history student for distinguished work in that subject to Elizabeth Willliams ’08

The Thomas Corwin Mendenhall Prize for an essay evolving from any history course, excluding special studies, seminars and honors long papers, to Laura Putnam ’10


The Anacleta C. Vezzetti Prize to a senior for the best piece of writing in Italian on any aspect of the culture of Italy to Eleanor Farber ’08, Lillian Lingham ’08 and Anielka Sanchez ’08

Jewish Studies

The Sidney Balman Prize for outstanding work in the Jewish Studies Program to Gabrielle Thal-Pruzan ’08

Landscape Studies

The Susan Cohen ’62 and Paula Deitz ’59 Prize in Landscape Studies for excellence in a thesis, paper or project that examines the science, design or culture of the built environment to Elise Simons ’09


The Suzan Rose Benedict Prize to a sophomore for excellence in mathematics to Emma Schlatter ’10 and Jennifer Wise ’10

The Ann Kirsten Pokora Prize to a senior with a distinguished academic record in mathematics to Constance Baltera ’08 and Reagin McNeill ’08

Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Unity Award of the Office of Multicultural Affairs to the student who has made an outstanding contribution toward promoting diversity and multiculturalism in the Smith College community to Jocelyn Thomas ’08


The Constance Kambour Edwards Prize to the student who has shown the most progress in organ to SoYeon Park ’10J

The Settie Lehman Fatman Prize for outstanding music composition to Aliyah Shanti ’08 and Lilith Spencer ’11

The Sarah Hamilton Memorial Prize for the best essay on music to Laila Plamondon ’08

The Emogene Mahony Memorial Prize for proficiency at the organ to Laura Putnam ’10

The Judith Raskin Memorial Prize for the outstanding senior voice student to Arianne Abela ’08 and Laila Plamondon ’08

The Ernst Wallfisch Prize to a student of music for outstanding talent, commitment and diligence to Arianne Abela ’08 and Toki Tahara ’08


The Florence Corliss Lamont Prize, a medal awarded for work in philosophy, to Harper Gernet-Girard ’08

The John S. Mekeel Memorial Prize to a senior for outstanding work in philosophy to Lilith Dornhuber-deBellesiles ’08 and Caroline Sluyter ’08


The William Sentman Taylor Prize for significant work in human values, a quest for truth, beauty and goodness in the arts and sciences to Laila Plamondon ’08 and María José Rendón ’08J


The James Gardner Buttrick Prize for the best essay in the field of religion and Biblical literature to Syretha Brooks ’08

The Henry Lewis Foote Memorial Prize for excellence in biblical studies to Laura Bram ’08


The Department of Russian Prize for the best work in Russian literature by a senior majoring in Russian to Phoebe Klapac ’08 and Ilana Shydlo ’08


The Samuel Bowles Prize for the best paper on a sociological subject to Kimberly Yee ’08

The Arthur Shattuck Parsons Memorial Prize to the student with the outstanding paper in sociological theory or its application to Sara Waszkiewicz ’08


The Yvonne Sarah Bernhardt Buerger Prize to the students who have made the most notable contribution to the dramatic activities of the college to Ellys Abrams ’08, Caitlin Bliss ’08, Mikaela Mroczynski ’09 and Julie Otis ’08

The Marilyn Knapp Campbell Prize to the student excelling in stage management to Nicole Beck ’08 and Nora Mally ’10

The Samuel A. Eliot, Jr./Julia Heflin Award for distinguished directing in the theatre to Ellys Abrams ’08 and Simone Gianfrancesco ’08

The Denis Johnston Playwriting Award for the best play or musical written by an undergraduate at Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke or Smith colleges or the University of Massachusetts to—First Prize: Hilary Goldberg ’08, Darren Harned, Hampshire, and Deborah Vernon, Hampshire; Second Prize: Diana Fenves, Hampshire; Honorable Mention: Rachel Lerner-Ley ’08, Lisa Meyers ’11 and Yea Bin Diana Oh ’08

The Peggy Clark Kelly Design Prize for a student demonstrating exceptional achievement in lighting, costume or set design to Joann Longobardo ’08, Meghan Lyons ’08 and Margaret Shaver ’08

The Jill Cummins MacLean Prize to a drama major for outstanding dramatic achievement with a comic touch in writing, acting or dance to Sarah Jadin ’08 and Ellen Morf ’09J

The Rita Singler Prize for outstanding achievement in technical theatre to Julianna Gillespie ’09 and Amber Tanudjaja ’09

The Denton Snyder Acting Prize to a Smith senior who has demonstrated distinguished acting in the theatre to Caitlin Bliss ’08 and Sarah Jadin ’08

Program for the Study of Women and Gender

The Jeanne McFarland Prize, awarded annually by the Program for the Study of Women and Gender and the Project on Women and Social Change for excellent work in the study of women and gender to Katelyn Lucy ’09 and Morgan Woolsey ’08

The Meg Quigley Prize, awarded annually for the best work in SWG 150 Introduction to the Study of Women and Gender to Hannah Bartelt ’11 and Leah Sakala ’11

The Valeria Dean Burgess Stevens Prize, awarded annually by the Program for the Study of Women and Gender and the Project on Women and Social Change for excellent work in the study of women and gender to Courtney Fields ’08, Laurie Guerrero-Garcés AC ’08, China Sajadian ’08 and Mariah Wyman ’09J