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A New Record for the Class of 2022

Campus Life

Detail shot of the top of the Grecourt Gates

Published February 16, 2018

For the 11th year in a row, applications to Smith reached a record high, says Audrey Smith, the college’s vice president for enrollment.

Smith’s Class of 2022 will be chosen from a record 5,780 applicants—a 6 percent increase over last year and a 31 percent increase over 2013.

Deb Shaver, Smith’s dean of admission, says the increase in applications is due, at least in part, to increased interest in women’s colleges. The word ‘feminist’ has regained acceptance in the hearts and minds of young women,” she says. “Students have told us that they’re interested in attending a college that respects and empowers women. And Smith certainly does that!”

Another reason for Smith’s increase in applications: a 16 percent increase in campus visits. “We know from our research that once a student visits campus, she’s much more likely to apply and, if admitted, to enroll,” says Shaver. “Smith is that kind of place.”

Among applicants, Shaver points to an “unexpected and welcome” 8 percent increase in international applications. Although the number of international students studying in the U.S. has declined overall, “the Smith message continues to resonate with international populations,” Shaver notes.

The numbers:

  • total first-year applications: 5,780
  • increase in applications since last year: 6 percent
  • increase in applications since 2013: 31 percent
  • early decision applicants: 580 (an 8 percent increase from last year)
  • international applicants: 1,517 (an 8 percent increase from last year)
  • domestic students of color: 2,175 (a 3 percent increase from last year)
  • legacies: 251 (an 18 percent increase from last year)
  • number of U.S. states represented: 49 plus the District of Columbia
  • number of high schools represented: 2,824

All members of the Smith community are invited to fete the incoming class at a Cupcake Celebration being held Friday, Feb. 23, at noon in the Campus Center Atrium.