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Published September 25, 2023

In the past few years, Libellula—the sustainable Italian olive oil business that Julia Franchi Scarselli ’18 co-founded with her father in a region north of Rome—has grown its adopt-an-olive-grove model and expanded its retail offerings via corporate gifts, farmers markets, partnerships with specialty food shops, and the establishment of an American LLC in Brunswick, Maine. This spring, the company won a Foreign Direct Investor of the Year Award from the Maine International Trade Center. With sales doubling and profitability on the horizon, Libellula is also strengthening its commitment to support small farmers and educate consumers about sustainable agriculture. “We’re learning about the impacts farmers are facing from climate change,” Franchi Scarselli says. Next up? An olive harvest and yoga retreat in Italy from October 21 to 26.


Julia Franchi Scarselli ’18