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Kathleen McCartney Hall

Announced in November 2023, Kathleen McCartney Hall will be a sustainable, inclusive, welcoming, and inspiring hub for career development and leadership training. With a “purpose-driven design,” the building will enable direct collaboration between the Lazarus and Wurtele Centers for the first time.

“In this new building, the college’s commitment to career development and its belief in the power of women’s leadership will take another step forward.”
President Willie-LeBreton

Building Futures

In keeping with Smith’s core values of sustainability, generosity, community, and innovation, goals for Kathleen McCartney Hall include creating a space where everyone feels welcomed and encouraged, where collaboration happens openly and easily, and where students are empowered to pursue their dreams.

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A Timeline for Success

Smithies will only need to wait a little over a year from the time of groundbreaking until the opening of this new, impactful space. Check out the timeline of major construction events.



February 12, 2024

The 8 College Lane parking lot permanently closed.

March 12–22, 2024

Demolition of 8 College Lane will be underway. 

April 2024

Groundbreaking and foundation preparation will begin. Construction will continue through winter 2024 and spring 2025.

Summer 2025

Kathleen McCartney Hall will open. 

Sustainability Front and Center

Following in the footsteps of the redesign of Neilson Library, this construction project is rooted in sustainability. Featuring responsibly sourced mass timber and a living roof, Kathleen McCartney Hall will soon be one of the most energy-efficient buildings on Smith’s campus.


in the Healthy Materials initiative




heating and cooling

Smith’s first

heavy timber construction

A Look Ahead

Take a sneak peek at the interior and exterior of Kathleen McCartney Hall.

Under Construction

Curious about how construction is coming along? Check out the progress with our two live webcams.