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Susanne Fuchs

Core Lecturer in German and Italian


Wright Hall 210


Susanne Fuchs studied German literature, philosophy, and film at the University of Vienna (Maga) and at New York University (Ph.D.). Her current research project focuses on socially constituted ignorance and denial. In the context of this work, she studies cultural discourse, cognitive dissonances and figures of implication in texts from the 19th century to the present.

Fuchs’ main pedagogical interest lies in the field of the environmental humanities. She teaches on the cultural, economic and ecological significance of the forest and is working on a related transnational project on the Alpine landscape. Her language courses consider the German-speaking regions as post migrant societies in a European context and center on the diverse histories and experiences of people living in Central Europe. Topics frequently covered in her courses are queer film, environmental justice, and literature and media produced by FLINTA* and BPoCs.

Fuchs’ publications include articles on figurative language and the militarization of subjecthood in the Age of Goethe, early capitalism and denial, and reviews of key works in the environmental humanities. Prior to Smith, Fuchs worked in the cooperative economy and taught at Wellesley and Williams College.

Office Hours

Spring 2024

Wednesday & Friday 1-2 p.m.
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Ph.D. New York University