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Ancient Studies

Petra Great Temple

The ancient studies program acknowledges the importance of approaching the civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean world from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Students are encouraged to create for themselves, through related courses in history, classics, religion, art, government, philosophy and archaeology, a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic cultures bordering on the Mediterranean Sea (including the Near East) from antiquity to the time of the Muslim conquests in the seventh century C.E.

Requirements & Courses

Smith College reserves the right to make changes to all announcements and course listings online, including changes in its course offerings, instructors, requirements for the majors and minors, and degree requirements.


Six courses, in no less than three departments, selected from the list of related courses below. No languages are required. Other courses may count toward the minor with permission of the student’s adviser. Courses are offered in the semester noted (if no semester is listed, the course is not offered this academic year.)


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Art History

  • ARH 208 The Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece
  • ARH 212 Ancient Cities and Sanctuaries
  • ARH 216 The Art and Architecture of the Ancient Roman World (Spring 2019)
  • ARH 280 Swords and S(c)andals: Ancient Rome in Film/Form
  • ARH 335 Seminar in Roman Art: Augustan Rome
  • ARH 285 Great Cities: Pompeii
  • ARH 315 Studies in Roman Art, Topic: Augustan Rome
  • ARH 315 Studies in Roman Art, Topic: In the Museum: When In Rome...Smith's Tappan Photograph Collection & 19th Century Tourism
  • ARCH 352 Hellenistic Art and Architecture

Classical Language and Literature

  • CLS 150 Roots Topic: Greek and Latin Elements in English (Spring 2019)
  • CLS 202 Western Classics in Translation, from Homer to Dante (Fall 2018)
  • CLS 190 The Trojan War
  • CLS 227 Classical Mythology
  • CLS 233 Gender and Sexuality in Greco-Roman Culture
  • CLS 235 Life and Literature in Ancient Rome
  • CLS 236 Cleopatra: Histories, Fictions, Fantasies

First Year Seminars

  • FYS 117 The Bible and the American Public Square (Fall 2018)
  • FYS 163 The Holy Land
  • FYS 180 Cleopatra: Histories, Fictions, Fantasies
  • FYS 193 The Figure of Socrates


  • GRK 213 Introduction to Homeric Epic


  • GOV 261 Ancient and Medieval Political Theory


  • HST 202 Ancient Greece
  • HST 203 Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World
  • HST 204 The Roman Republic
  • HST 205 The Roman Empire
  • HST 206 Aspects of Ancient History -Topic: Slaves and Slavery in the Ancient World
  • HST 206 Aspects of Ancient History - Topic: Rome, Late Antiquity, and the  Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Fall 2018)


  • LAT 212 Introduction to Latin Prose and Poetry (Fall 2018)
  • LAT 213 Introduction to Virgil's "Aeneid"
  • LAT 330 Advanced Readings in Latin Lit. I and II: Latin Love Poetry (Fall 2018)
  • LAT 330 Advanced Readings in Latin Lit. I & II: Cicero and the Power of Rhetoric at Rome
  • LAT 330 Advanced Reading in Latin Lit. I & II: Ovid's Metamorphoses
  • LAT 330 Advanced Reading in Latin Literature I & II: The World of Nero (Spring 2019)


  • PHI 124 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  • PHI 324 Seminar in Ancient Philosophy


  • REL 110 Thematic Studies in Religion: The Holy Land
  • REL 112 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Spring 2019)
  • REL 162 Introduction to the Bible I
  • REL 211 Wisdom Literature and Other Books in the Bible
  • REL 211 What is the Good Life? Wisdom from the Bible
  • REL 213 Prophecy in Ancient Israel
  • REL 214 Women in the Hebrew Bible
  • REL 215 Introduction to the Bible II
  • REL 216 Topics in Biblical Studies, Archaeology and the Bible: From Ancient Israel to Early Judaism and Christianity
  • REL 217 Colloquium: The Dead Sea Scrolls, Judaism and Christianity
  • REL 219 Christian Origins: Archaeological and Socio-Historical Perspectives
  • REL 245 The Islamic Tradition
  • REL 247 The Qur'an
  • REL 310 Seminar: Hebrew Bible
  • REL 345 The Making of Muhammad
  • REL 345 Islamic Thought: The Qur'an




Ancient Studies Program

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