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About the Year

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The Year on Climate Change is a yearlong, campus-wide series of programs, generated by all members of our community, examining the issues and inequities of climate change. The idea of a themed year came from the Study Group on Climate Change, who recommended that the college plan and implement themed, yearlong, campus-wide programs that bring the Smith community together for an in-depth examination of focused aspects of climate change.

The goal of the year is for the entire Smith community, including alumnae, to engage in curricular and co-curricular programming that catalyzes or deepens their understanding of climate change as a social justice issue and dedication to tackling this urgent problem. We also hope to expand opportunities for students to learn about climate-action initiatives outside of the classroom and to live more sustainably on campus.

What is this year meant to be?

A collection of engagements of all kinds that deepen our collective and individual understanding of climate change and what we each are doing about it. These engagements will take the form of courses, course projects, student org events, guest speakers, reflection sessions, student activism and much more. The opportunities are endless.

  • The point is to discuss and understand.  
  • The college is not looking to increase the total number of programs taking place on campus. We encourage you to look to your regular set of events and engagements and see where you can shift the focus to intersect with and examine climate issues.  

Who can get involved?

Planned events and programs are open to the Smith community in the same way as usual, as defined by the event organizer/s. The college strongly encourages collaborations among student orgs, faculty, staff and more to greater amplify the opportunity of the event.

  • If you want to see something happen on campus, make it happen!  This is your chance to do that thing.
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