I am Smith

Dimitra Prassa ’25


About Dimitra

Class of 2025

Riza, Greece

Economics & Environmental Science and Policy

What are you most looking forward to about campus?
Having small picnics with friends all around campus and taking lots of pictures at the Botanic Garden.

How would you describe a Smithie in three words?
There are so many that come to my mind, but I guess these three are the best: Leader, Ambitious, Rebel

What item from home do you plan to bring and why?
The Greek flag. It is a beautiful way to remind me of my home and the people I am going to miss. (Plus, it will make me recall all the memories from the amazing Greek festivals with the traditional music and dancing which I will miss the most during my time in America.)

What is something unexpected that people don’t know about you?
Something that no one would expect of me is that I can drive the tractor and the excavator.

If you could have any superhuman power, what would it be?
Flying. I am obsessed with aerial and panoramic views of landscapes to the point that I choose a window seat during 11-hour flights just to stare outside the window.

What's your favorite family tradition?
In Greece, we have an annual holiday called “Clean Monday” (it’s called clean because we don’t eat meat, oil or dairy products). On that day, we have a tradition which is to fly a kite. As a family, we chose to make the kite by ourselves. It was always a holiday I was so looking forward to because the whole family gathered to eat at our farm.

What do you think has been the most “Smithie” thing you’ve done in life so far?
Creating a project that aimed to support girls from all over the world during the pandemic. We are now very good friends.


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