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Student Employment

The student employment component of a financial aid award represents the opportunity to have a job on campus. You are responsible for finding a position that aligns with your preferences and schedule, and are encouraged to apply early for the best selection of jobs.

You may work to earn money for books and supplies, to put towards your tuition accounts, or for personal spending money. There is no obligation to work all or any of the hours awarded, though income not earned is not replaced with other aid.

For information about work-study at Smith College, see Student Employment.


Refer to your financial aid award on to verify the type and amount of work-study you are eligible for, which in turn determines where you can work and how much you can earn. Your other aid will not be increased if you choose not to work. Your earnings are paid directly to you. If you want your earnings paid to your Smith account to reduce your bill, submit a Payroll Deduction Authorization form to Student Financial Services.

Holding a position with the residence life office will impact your financial aid award. The aid adjustment will depend on the position. Please contact us to determine how your award would be affected by a residence life position.

Domestic and international Housing Coordinators (HCs) and House Community Advisers (HCAs) have their work-study award replaced with the HCA stipend. The stipend will be paid regularly during the academic year.

Head Residents (HRs) will receive the following remuneration for the 2020-21 academic year.

  • HR Stipend $5,090 - This will be paid to you directly during the normal payroll cycle throughout the academic year.
  • HR Grant $5,500 - This will be credited directly to your student account split evenly over the fall and spring semesters.

Financial Aid Recipients:

The $5,500 Head Resident Grant is meant to reduce the loan expectation for those receiving need-based financial aid.  However, should you still have loan eligibility, you may still see a loan offered in your financial aid award.  You are not obligated to accept the loan and will be able to decline any or all of the amount offered.

Grant Reduction - The HR Grant is not meant to reduce any existing need-based grant assistance already awarded.  However, it is possible that your Smith Grant may need to be reduced.  Grant reduction will only occur in cases where the addition of an HR grant to existing financial aid would cause total financial aid to exceed the total cost of attendance, or where the student receives non-Smith assistance (outside aid) and the combination conflicts with our Outside Aid policy.  We will do our best to minimize any potential grant reduction.  Please let us know if you have specific questions.