Meet the Majors

Clarissa Po ’22


About Clarissa

Class of 2022

Hometown: Bernardsville, NJ


Minor: Film and Media Studies

House: Chapin

Other clubs, sports or activities:
The Smiffenpoofs as co-pitch, Student Theatre Committee as co-chair and the Performing Arts Box Office manager.

Describe your major for someone who has never heard of your field before.
The most elaborate game of pretend.

What’s your all-time favorite Smith memory?
Various midnight hour movie and karaoke nights.

Did you ever have trouble deciding on a major? What, ultimately, helped you decide?
I was lucky enough to know I wanted to major in theatre since I was little, so that wasn't a challenge. The biggest obstacle was honing in on a particular focus and it was most helpful to have conversations with faculty and staff and go through internships to really find my place in theatre management.

Describe a moment from a class that particularly sticks with you.
For the final project of my musicals course, Prof. Ellen Kaplan convinced me to write “Bachelor: The Musical” and it was bizarre but so fun to do. 

The family that you create at Smith can come from the most unexpected places.

What was your favorite class outside of your major?
I loved taking “Fandom Studies” for my film and media studies (FMS) minor because every week I got to nerd out with my classmates.

What’s your “Big Dream” for your future?
I hope to pursue a career in managing and producing under-represented stories with three-dimensional perspectives and deliver them to wider audiences.

What spot on campus will you miss the most?
The Box Office where I often just go to chill and work.

If you could tell an incoming first-year anything about Smith, what would it be?
Be open to anything and everything, because the family that you create at Smith can come from the most unexpected places.

What do you think has been the most “Smithie” thing you’ve done in life so far?
Class introductions included our star signs.