Meet the Majors

Alyssa Guzman ’22

Astronomy and Physics

About Alyssa

Class of 2022

Hometowns: Lima, Peru and Miami, FL

Astronomy and Physics

House: Friedman (Comstock at heart)

Other clubs, sports, activities:
I’m part of the Physics and Astronomy Club, the Exoplanet Transit Team and have been a dining hall worker throughout my career at Smith College.

What would you do with your major if you knew you could not fail?
I would find extraterrestrial life, discover if there’s something beyond a black hole and what happened before the Big Bang!

Describe one moment with friends that particularly sticks with you.
One particular moment that has stuck with me was the first time I saw snow! It was at night and I was with my friends when we noticed how much snow was coming down. We went to the middle of the quad and made snow angels. It was very magical!

What has been your favorite spot on campus to brainstorm great ideas? What spot will you miss the most?
One of my favorite spots on campus to brainstorm ideas has to be the Physics Lounge, where I studied, completed puzzles and spent time with my friends. It was also a great place to talk with the physics faculty and create bonds. One spot I will miss the most will be the rock on the side of the nature walk-path by the pond. It's very peaceful and calm to sit there during fall semester.

What’s your all-time favorite Smith memory?
My all-time favorite Smith memory has to be the Winter Weekend event during my sophomore year at Comstock House. It was really fun bonding with my housemates along with friends from the Five Colleges.

I have had an amazing experience and growth during my time here and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

What was the most challenging moment in your time at Smith?
One of the most challenging moments at Smith was during the pandemic and getting used to a remote learning environment. It was hard to find a quiet place to succeed in my classes and I definitely struggled to understand certain topics.

If you could tell an alum something about your own personal experience at Smith, what would it be?
I would tell them about how thankful I am for Smith College to have helped me financially. I have had an amazing experience and growth during my time here and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

Who was your favorite professor and what did you most like about their style of teaching?
My favorite professor (and advisor) is James Lowenthal. He's a great mentor and has been supporting my goals of achieving my astronomy and physics degree since the time I arrived at Smith College. He teaches astronomy with a lot of passion which creates a great environment for both science and non-science majors to thrive in.

What do you want other Smithies to know about the class of 2022?
The class of 2022 is made of students who have persevered through a pandemic and continue to aim for our goals. We're proud of what we've achieved and are ready to share what we've learned at Smith College with the world!