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Remote Learning

Documenting Artwork at Home Using Your Phone

Art Department Zoom Guide


Downloading Images from Arstor (video)

Using Artstor at Smith College (PDF)

Arstor Digital Library Support Site

Scanning & Editing Fine Art Images

Scanning Using Silverfast 8 (PDF)

How to Use Photoshop to Edit Your Image (PDF)

Presenting Images

How to Use Powerpoint for Images on PC (PDF)

How to Add a Powerpoint or OIV Presentation to Moodle (PDF)


Copyright Information for Imaging Center Collections

Smith Libraries’ Image Rights and Citations Guide
Copyright and citation guidelines for using images for research and teaching.

Smith College Copyright Policies
Comprehensive overview of issues related to the use of copyrighted text and multimedia in the classroom.

Online Applications

Tinkercad allows you to easily create and edit 3D models, with a focus on 3D printing.

Can’t get to Photoshop? This powerful free software allows you to edit images directly in your web browser.

Sketchup Free
Sketchup is widely used on campus for easy 3D modelling. We have Sketchup Pro on campus, but the free version can be used anywhere.

Find Images

LUNA Commons
LUNA Commons is a public digital image collection that includes material from a wide variety of museums, universities and private collections.

Smith Libraries’ Finding Images Page
Use this guide to find images on the web and in many of Smith’s online databases.

This meta search engine searches the image databases of art museums from around the world.

Picture Catalogs Online
Assembled by the Library of Congress, this is an exhaustive list of sources for finding high-quality images online.

This reverse image search engine lets you upload an image to find other versions of it on the web.

Find 3D Content

Smithsonian X 3D
Browse high-quality, annotated 3D models, digitized from the Smithsonian’s collections.

Find 3D-printable objects in this large repository. You can also upload your own.


Use this free tool to upload and share 3D content, including models made with Imaging Center 3D scanners and software. Models can be embedded on any web page or shared via platforms including Facebook and Tumblr. It’s like YouTube, but for 3D content.

A collection of professional 3D content, including over 200,000 free models to download.

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